Photo Gallery

Field Trip to Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto 
Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, 
"Everyone ... look up!" 
Group shot from the top of the Grotto)
Praying the Rosary
A memorable and marked holy place. We are so close to the Saints who are now with
Christ the King! 
St. Pope John Paul II, pray for us! 
Heather's selfie as we leave this beautiful place and head to DQ for treats! 
Ask and you shall receive! 
(We prayed for rain to stop .... check out the blue sky coming through as we started to tour the Grotto!!)
Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, 
Praying the Rosary
What a beautiful afternoon! 
Great day, awesome youth group, weather prayers totally answered! 
(See that blue sky!) 
Youth group members at Grotto 
Field Trip Treats at
Dairy Queen!!
bell island.jpg
Cardboard Boats 
Ready to race! 
bell island 2.jpg
Cardboard boat races 
Sailors ready to go! 
bell island 3.jpg
Cardboard boat races
More sailors.
bell island 5.jpg
Fr. Anthony Chidimma 
Crowned King of
Cardboard Boat Sailors
bell island 4.jpg
Cardboard boat races 
Peace, Everyone! 
bell island 7.jpg
Praying the Rosary 
(We just finished ... See our Rosaries??)
bell island 6.jpg
The Game of Things 
(Getting to know each other)
bell island 8.jpg
Our whole group
bell island 9.jpg
Heading through the tunnel in the rock cliff to Grebe's Nest.
bell island 11.jpg
Enjoying Alice's cookies for dessert after lunch at Grebe's Nest. (Thanks, Alice!!)
bell island 10.jpg
Ciara swimming in the ocean at Grebe's Nest.
bell island 12.jpg
Group photo at the tunnel entrance at Grebe's Nest.
bell island 13.jpg
Group photo of the leaders as we left Grebe's Nest.
bell island 15.jpg
Sunday Mass
(with Fr. Dohey)
bell island 14.jpg
Our Feast! 
(Fr. Cole joined us.
Thanks, Fr. Cole!)
bell island 16.jpg
Group photo at the
Stations of the Cross,
Lance Cove.
bell island 17.jpg
Jump for Joy! 
We had such fun! 
Can't wait to come back next year! 
bell island 19.jpg
Bye Patti! 
(The van is full to the gills)
bell island 18.jpg
Bye, Everyone! 
See you soon! 
(Stay tuned for future youth events!)
bell island 20.jpg
Heather, Tim, & Ethan 
Leaving Bell Island.
youth group 45.jpg
About to enter Grebe's Nest tunnel.
youth group 42.jpg
Andrew sailing for
Team Sunshine! 
Row, Andrew, Row!
youth group 44.jpg
Cardboard boat race
youth group 43.jpg
Team Sunshine
youth group 41.jpg
(Team White) 
Patti, Denise, Tim, Heather 
youth group 36.jpg
Youth Group Christmas Party 
at Heather's house.
youth group 34.jpg
Fr. Wayne & Samantha 
Family Day 2019
youth group 35.jpg
Annual End-of-Summer
Pool Party at Heather's house.
youth group 33.jpg
Fr. Ray Earle 
Family Day 2019
youth group 40.jpg
Walking on the boat. 
Heading to Bell Island!
youth group 38.jpg
Zoom call with Santa!
youth group 39.jpg
The Year of St. Joseph
St. Joseph, Pray for Us.
youth group 37.jpg
Youth Group
DIY Christmas Paint Night
youth group 32.jpg
Family Day 2019
youth group 31.jpg
Tour of Basilica of St. John the Baptist 
Sacrament Program 2019-2020
youth group 30.jpg
Youth Group Flea Market
youth group 29.jpg
Celebration of 
Sacrament of Reconciliation
St. Peter's Parish 
youth group 28.jpg
Youth Group Retreat
Our First One! 
Archbishop Hundt joined us.
youth group 27.jpg
Three-legged races 
Family Day 
Mary Queen of the World 
youth group 25.jpg
youth group 26.jpg
Making cookies for
Children's Christmas Party
St. Peter's Parish
... sneaking cookies before Children's Christmas Party.
youth group 24.jpg
Youth Group Photo with Santa
youth group 23.jpg
Heather & Bella
youth group 22.jpg
youth group 21.jpg
Santa, Julie, & Sophia
Annual Christmas Party 
at Heather's house.
youth group 20.jpg
Youth Group Photo
youth group 19.jpg
Nicole, Nesse, & Heather 
Halloween, 2018
youth group 18.jpg
Group Photo 
Children's Halloween Party, 2018
youth group 17.jpg
Youth Group Kickoff! 
youth group 16.jpg
Youth Kickoff
(Delicious cake made by Jodi!)
youth group 15.jpg
Youth Group Photo 
Youth Kickoff, 2018
youth group 14.jpg
Steubenville Atlantic, 2018
youth group 13.jpg
Steubenville Atlantic, 2018 
Newfoundland Group
youth group 12.jpg
Steubenville Atlantic, 2018 
Dalhousie Campus
youth group 10.jpg
Clay Café Day! 
youth group 11.jpg
Clay Café Day
youth group 5.jpg
youth group 6.jpg
Steubenville Atlantic, 2017
Heather, Nicole, Nesse
Heading to Steubenville Atlantic, 2017
Nicole & Heather 
youth group 7.jpg
Enjoying the day outside! 
Steubenville Atlantic, 2017
Heather, Peggy, Nicole
youth group 3.jpg
Youth Group 
Halloween Games Night
youth group 4.jpg
Supper with Amber 
(before she moves away)
youth group 2.jpg
Gathering with Syrian Family 
youth group.jpg
Cupcake Break at
Youth Group Flea Market
Peggy & Heather